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Breeding advice

We are very experienced stud owners, dealing with maiden bitches and also first time breeders and are happy to advise where possible.

When is a bitch ready to mate?

Typically a bitch is usually ready to mate between 10-14 days from bleeding, although counting days is reasonably successful, they can all be different. We've had bitches be ready as early as day 8 and as late as day 20. 

Therefore we do recommend progesterone testing, progesterone testing is also great if your unsure of when your bitch has come in season, or she's maiden or nervous/difficult and isn't one to naturally 'stand'. 

What is progesterone testing? 

Progesterone testing is a blood sample taken from your bitch, usually 7/8 days into her heat cycle, which is run through a machine to give you a progesterone reading, which can then pin point the best time of mating. 

Stud arrangement 

With our stud service we offer 2 covers of your bitch, usually 1 day apart from one another. Stud fee is to be paid on first mating/tie (cash or bank transfer).

We do also offer chilled/frozen semen shipment anywhere in the UK and overseas. 

If your bitch was then not to conceive, a free return mating is offered on her next season. The stud fee payment is non refundable only under exceptional circumstances at our discretion. 

We are very flexible in our stud service and will always try and fit around you best we can.

Happy to answer any enquires. 

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Breeding advice: Welcome
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